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Harvest Moon Blogcrew

{what is a blogcrew?}

A blogcrew is when a group of people who share a particular fandom get together (on livejournal, mostly) and "claim" one or several different characters from a list. Sometimes there are stamps (banners) to go along with the characters but every blogcrew is different. Once someone has "claimed" a character they're name will appear next to the characters name and noone else will be able to claim that character. That person will pretty much "own" that character in the blogcrew. Blogcrews are not role-playing games. You could say that they're more like a "club." Everyone who owns a character in the blogcrew is part of the blogcrew.

{about this blogcrew}

This is the Harvest Moon Blogcrew; dedicated to the Harvest Moon video games. Currently we only have characters from Forget-Me-Not Valley (AWL, DS..) and from Mineral Town (FoMT..) but we will probably get characters from other games in the series as well. This is the second, more updated Harvest Moon Blogcrew (the first one was deleted along with the owners my journal.) Here there is not only a blogcrew to participate in, but if we get enough members there will be little contests to win special stamps. These contests would be small, such as writting fanfics and things along those lines. If we ever have any they will be posted in the updates section below.

{don't forget about the rules!}

1 You may only claim 1 character.
2 After you claim your character and I confirm that that character is yours, you must post your characters stamp and a link back to the blogcrew etheir in your userinfo or somewhere on your journal. You can use the following code if you want:
3 If you would like to re-make your stamp you may. But you still must apply #2.
4 No complaining, flameing, ect.. if you don't get the character you want, or if you have some other problem with the blogcrew. Problems/questions/suggestions can be posted as comments.
5 Stay on topic with your comments. As in: try to keep your conversations relivent to the blogcrew. Character claims, contests, stamps, ect.
6 When you comment with your claims put "cows rock" as your subject to show you've read the rules


JUNE 26th 2008
haryan claimed Celias child<3

♥ Anna (oohdeer)

APRIL 12th 2008
Kai was claimed by himihimi. We still have loads of characters left.. that are taking their time to go. Haha!

♥ Anna (oohdeer)

FEBRUARY 2nd 2008
Flora was claimed by sakura_advance

♥ Anna (oohdeer)

JANUARY 24th 2008
Daryl and Lumina have both been claimed =] We've been getting pretty slow lately. Hopefully word of this place will spread around more soon.

So we now only have 3 characters left from the Potentail Spouces section: Flora, Kai, and Marlin.

And then we have all of the children left and all (minus two) of the villagers left.

♥ Anna (oohdeer)

JANUARY 19th 2008
More characters claimed today:
fathermulcahy got Rock
& mangamaniac101 snagged the Harvest Goddess =]

Even though we don't have many potental husbands/brides left, theres still just about all the vllagers and ALL of children. So if you haven't claimed anyone yet, don't give up~

♥ Anna (oohdeer)

JANUARY 16th 2008
Updates today-
triedtoholdonto : Karen
erin_tan : Steiner
sweetayaka : Eli
evilazurill : Rick
laina_inverse : Jill 1
tracyland : Mary
kittymog : Gray
nuclearbacteria : Carter
nevermore199 : Cliff

We still got a whhoollleeee bunch of characters left. Tell your friends guys! Haha ♥ ♥

♥ Anna (oohdeer)

JANUARY 13th 2008 (later)
The blogcrew is offically OPEN! Yeah.. haha.. I sort of snagged Muffy early. Sorry guys. I cheated! Lmao XD For those of you confussed on what to say, heres a very simple example:
"I claim Jack"
Thats all you need to say! You can put second and thrid characters if the first character you asked for is already claimed but I don't think we'll have that sort of problem. Happy Claiming!

♥ Anna (oohdeer)

JANUARY 13th 2008
I got all the stamps up. The blogcrew should be open soon. ♥

♥ Anna (oohdeer)


unclaimed claimed by laina_inverse claimed by selphish

P O T E N T I A L [S P O U C E S]

claimed by lil_bunnyrabbit claimed by nuclearbacteria claimed by danceuntildawn9
claimed by nevermore199 claimed by sweetayaka claimed by sakura_advance
claimed by kittymog claimed by thaao claimed by ladybrighid3333
claimed by mangamaniac101 claimed by himihimi claimed by triedtoholdonto
claimed by hayato claimed by kittychan claimed by koala
unclaimed claimed by tracyland claimed by oohdeer
claimed by using_chemicals claimed by bloominglove claimmed by evil_raichu
claimed by fathermulcahy claimed by erin_tan claimed by shindou_wannabe
claimed by planetarian

O T H E R [V I L L A G E R S]

unclaimed unclaimed unclaimed
claimed by ozette unclaimed unclaimed
unclaimed unclaimed unclaimed
unclaimed unclaimed unclaimed
claimed by l2uly68 claimed by hanautsukushii unclaimed
unclaimed unclaimed unclaimed
unclaimed unclaimed unclaimed
unclaimed unclaimed unclaimed
unclaimed unclaimed


claimed by haryan unclaimed unclaimed
unclaimed claimed by hilian