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omg fanart =0

So.. this morning I woke up. And from the moment I woke up I was really really bored. I had nothing do to, noone to call and nowhere to go. And thats why I drew all this stupid shit, and scanned it. Lmao XD Really though, theres been so much twilight fanart floating around I figured I may as well give it a try. Whats funny is this is the first time I've drawn people in.. I don't even know how long. I mean I'll usually doodle a flower here and there when Im in school, and for pottery I gotta draw pots, but I just stopped drawing people. I guess cause they're the hardest things to draw? Anyway once I started (again) I couldn't stop. Haha.

I gotta say: I was really doubtful while I was scanning these things. I really hate how they turned how.. simply because.. they suck. outloud. And not to mension, they're not even colored sense I was too lazy to bring Photoshop back up or anything. And they're sloppy, you can see my erase marks on some of them. Ughhh. But even with all of these elements of suck, I still decided to upload them.

Comments are very appericated. Please feel free to tell me that I can't draw for shit and that I should definatly give up and throw all the plain white paper and pencils I have in my house down a well or something.

Oh and btw in case you couldn't tell.. click on the cuts to see the pictures. If you wanna see the raw, unedited scan then click on the pictures. Just so you know the scans are pretty big (which is why I sized everything down) so click at your own computers risk.

Quick doodles I did. They're of noone in particular (well.. they are but.. its a long story) I just did them to test out some stuff, and make sure I still knew how to.. well draw. Lmao
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Haha. Theres been alot of bitching about Jacksons hair in the Twilight Movie. Personally it doesn't bother me too much. But I made this this anyway:

=0 CLICK fsijffdfjd
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